We RAD DADS is a show and community dedicated to improving the lives of Dads who put their families first. We are single fathers, men in blended families and dads of non-traditional families looking to learn the lessons of this difficult path from others who've journeyed this difficult path before us. Above all, we are caring and nurturing fathers who continually value and seek improvement for ourselves and other parents. We face our own struggles and seek to dominate them as a means to living a fulfilling life. Each week we find entertainment and value as we get to know a new guest, understand their situation, explore their struggles and learn how to navigate life's challenges through retrospect and experience. It is through this process we aim to find and share wisdom that you can employ in your own life. Please join us as we discover and distribute the value of first-hand experiences and insight told by those who are now living proof that you can too. We RAD DADS - Where wisdom meets entertainment.
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Jun 30, 2016

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Amongst all other things I share some change happening in my life and how I am handling it. Luckily my upcoming guest dropped some knowledge that I happened to need. It’s funny how life gives you exactly what you need when you need it. The trick is recognizing that opportunity when it comes your way.

Check out my Mindset Mountain interview on iTunes HERE or on the Mindset Mountain podcast page HERE

Become who you’ve always been at your core. Start being absolutely and un-apologetically you and you’ll begin attracting some amazing things in your life.

I suggest you implement these 3 simple things in your own life:

1. Embrace Change

2. In order to grow, you have to let the past go.

3. Only compare yourself to who you were yesterday and aspire to who you want to become tomorrow.


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Jun 27, 2016

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"Work harder AND smarter."

Steve is a mountain of a man and has been faced with adversity throughout his life. His successes can be directly attributed to his circumstances while growing up and coming of age. This was one of the most emotional interviews I have ever done but one of the most rewarding as well. I feel humbled as Steve bestowed his life wisdom on us all. This episode is a must listen!


Talking Points


- Jaws

- It’s funny now

- Mantra

- Respect

- Bomb

- Incredible strength, The big picture

- We all have a cross to bear

- Dealing with the past and finding resolution

- Walden

- Turning your focus from past to future

- Clem

- Giving back

- Processing emotions and teaching

- Quick Q&A

- Tele-port advice

- Muscular Dystrophy Association.

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Jun 20, 2016


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My guest this week is none other than Ryan Michler. Ryan is the founder of Order Of Man. He runs the Order of Man podcast, Order of Man Facebook group and

Ryan is himself a RAD DAD and has faced relationship and family struggles which; if he had allowed his primal response mechanisms, would’ve destroyed his family. From that experience Ryan dove in to what it means to be a man and now speaks with authority to the over 4200 members of his Facebook group. Ryan also is the creator of the Iron Council, an elite mastermind for men. 

He is currently a Married Father of 4, a proud veteran and an obvious leader of men- not only in word, but in action as well. 

Sit in on our conversation and find out more about what it means to be a man, the duties of men, and his own 8 pillars of manhood. Some of them may surprise you. 

Along the way we talk Joe Dirt, Martha Stewart, mindset, ownership, leadership and taking action

Ryan Michler on We RAD DADS!

Talking points

Being a better leader; Order of Man.

Grunge scene to regimented and scheduled

Joe Dirt

Martha Steward Magazine

Focus on what you can do.

8 Pillars:

  1. Relationships
  2. Intellect
  3. Leadership / Preside
  4. Skills
  5. Wealth
  6. Health
  7. Self Mastery
  8. Style

 Bomb: Get yourself right so you can be fully present for those you care about.

Resilience - Eric Grietens (avaliable on Audible)

Extreme Ownership - Jocko Willink (available on Audible)

Speed reading

Get out of your kids way

Cornerstone trait- Leadership.

Bucket list item- Rite of passage

Be the example to your kids.

Take action before you’re ready

Iron Council - Take it to the next level

Connect with Ryan:

Order of Man - Facebook

The Iron Council

Order of Man podcast - iTunes - Stitcher

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Jun 13, 2016


Steve Henkle is a dad and blended dad of 5! He is an excellent benchmark for all blended dads to take notice as he has completely “stepped” up and become simply ‘dad’ to his legally adopted children.

Join the conversation as Steve and I talk about blended families, how he navigated a terribly uncomfortable time with his children’s biological father and how he continues to strive to include him in their lives.

Of course, we have an interesting and meandering conversation which includes: Kris Kross,  Justin Bieber, pilgrimages, clarity from chaos, opportunity within uncertainty, and happy socks.

Steve talks about his blog which was created for men; like me, who were simply different than the stereotypical coming-of-age “man”. Steve and I discuss being open with his children and himself as they discover new paradigms of what being a dad and what a man is all about.

Steve talks about his upcoming book “Not a male Fail” wherein he describes difficulty identifying with what a man is and discusses the situations which made him question his adolescent manhood, why and how you as a dad can do better with your own children.

Talking points:

Gotham TV series

Happy Socks

If you teach a man to fish…

Totally crossed up

Guy Humor: Grown Ups, Adam Sandler / Blended

What’s a cassette player?

Justin Bieber - Baby


Recognize it and seize the opportunity uncertainty presents

Bomb crater:

Different than the other guys

I am a father to the fatherless

Getting clarity from chaos

You have not chosen me but I choose you

Extremes, the absence of masculine stereotypes

Fathers absence after marriage

“You look just like dad”

Embrace your children for who they are

Pilgrimage. Coming of age. Connecting

Connect with Steve at:

notamailfail Twitter

notamailfail FB

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Jun 6, 2016

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Please help me welcome Cameron Bahan of . Cameron is a Florida based recently divorced single father of two. He’s a software developer by day and blogger by night at . He has recently been through the meat grinder and like me, has had a very difficult 2015. Listen to Cameron and I talk about moving completely across the United States, Rambo knives, Earthquakes, Hurricane parties and the dude abides…

Cameron; like myself and many others, is  in a vulnerable state and still in the unknown unsteady phase of a recently single father. Grappling with new role, identity, fears and the great unknown future. The biggest difference between Cameron and others is that he has the stones to blatantly share his story via his blog at Go check out his material because it’s spot on and well written- but not before you listen to our conversation.

Cameron drops truth, wisdom and hope. These are the gems I have been searching for and I think you have been too.


Talking Points:

Software developer

From British Columbia to Florida

Trading Earthquakes to Hurricanes

Rambo Knife

The Dude Abides

Hitchhiking first grader

Mantra: Reaction and trying to control the uncontrollable

Bomb: Wife wanted a divorce. Felt like I had to fix it

What’s the reason?

Mistakes along the way

Paying penance for your situation

What changed?

The courts and spending time with my boys

Change the words and change the mindset

The legal system and getting what you want. Your rights

What defines us is how well we rise after we fall- Zig Ziegler


Opportunity with loss of a job.

Best dadskill: Spending time with kids, being present.

Worst dadskills: Yelling, frustrations

Bucket list: Going Skiing with boys.

Pad Parent pet peeve: Negative talk/reinforcement/motivational tactics

Cornerstone trait: Never give up!

Lessons kids taught you: to relax, good downtime.


Motivational pop culture: Movie - Swing Kids.

Stories, resources community etc.


stilldaddy4u (Facebook)

stilldaddy4u (Twitter)

Parting words - just be you and life will be a lot easier.





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Jun 2, 2016

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What or What?

In all honesty, I would hope I have made you ask yourself this question. (preferably out loud. I KNOW I'm not the only one doing this!... I digress)

TW hoot- Huck or Punt?-2I guess you'll have to just listen to exactly what Huck is. But I will tease that the foundations; or building blocks, of Huck are the very same things we all struggle with while getting back up after becoming a single parent. Actually, they are the very things EVERYONE struggles with in some way shape or form. Personally, I find value in identifying, labeling and making a point of noticing the foundations for our actions (or inactions).

I suppose the inverse; or alternative, Punt is a well-known term. Punt entails a strategic maneuver wherein one realizes that the likelihood of continuing along the same path will probably end in a larger defeat than simply turning over the ball. It should be noted that "the game" NEVER ends with a punt. Frequently, a team who punts has just a good of a chance at winning as the team which does not. Frankly, it's insignificant in the long run as it is simply just a strategy to accomplish the end goal.

I'm pretty sure teams do not ever plan to Punt before a game. However, Punt formation is something which is practiced until perfection JUST IN CASE they need to utilize it.

In both strategies; Huck and Punt, there is inherent risk and reward. Although I'd like to Huck my way through life I can't always do so because it's very risky even though the rewards could be great- it may also result in complete disaster. Conversely, I can't continue to Punt my way through either because I'd avoid any hard decisions and there is little reward in it.

it is with a heavy heart that I discontinue the regular occurrence of my Thursday micro-sodes. Although I do not intend to quit, I am forced to Punt for the moment. I will still release micro-sodes and bonus episodes as warranted however they will be intermittent and not on a regularly recurring cycle.

Full-length episodes will still be released every Monday morning so the backbone of We RAD DADS podcast will remain intact. I vow to continue to bring resources to all non-traditional parents out there who have come to rely on We RAD DADS podcast.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding!

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