We RAD DADS is a show and community dedicated to improving the lives of Dads who put their families first. We are single fathers, men in blended families and dads of non-traditional families looking to learn the lessons of this difficult path from others who've journeyed this difficult path before us. Above all, we are caring and nurturing fathers who continually value and seek improvement for ourselves and other parents. We face our own struggles and seek to dominate them as a means to living a fulfilling life. Each week we find entertainment and value as we get to know a new guest, understand their situation, explore their struggles and learn how to navigate life's challenges through retrospect and experience. It is through this process we aim to find and share wisdom that you can employ in your own life. Please join us as we discover and distribute the value of first-hand experiences and insight told by those who are now living proof that you can too. We RAD DADS - Where wisdom meets entertainment.
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Jul 25, 2016

Julian is an accomplished marriage and family therapist from Berkley California. Julian is gaining notoriety with his video series highlighting simple do’s and don’ts of relationships and parenting. He runs a site called and frequently contributes to,, and Being a dad himself he speaks with direct experience and wisdom dropping simple nuggets for all to put into action.

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In this episode, Julian enlightens us all with some absolutely incredible insight into what it is to be a dad and how the societal gender programming of men (mixed with our stubbornness and ego- of course) actually perpetuate common “new family” woes. I’m guessing; like me, you too fell into some of these very common scenarios.

That’s exactly why I HAD to have him on the Podcast- he’s obviously a wealth of information and wisdom. Don’t think that just because he’s an MFT he’s got this parenting thing all dialed, nope. He’s just like the rest of us trying to figure it all out and doing the best he can failing forward. Just like you, however, he’s maximizing the wisdom of others in this quest and now you can tap into his wealth of experiences.

Join us for what it means to be human, the parenting manual, the bumbling father stereotype, nobody is perfect and of course the greatest American hero. But the real nugget is how Julian demystifies and delineates an extremely common relational breakdown that every guy is pre-programmed to fall into… Cue Admiral Ackbar, “Its a trap!”


Talking points:

Sleep cycles

Clark Kent vs. The Greatest American Hero

What does it mean to be human? i.e. Human hacks

“To be a parent is to fail”

How to react when you fail as a parent - Video link

Nobody is a perfect parent, even the MFT

Where’s the Manual?

Demystifying the trouble with the traditional dad model. -gets right to the point. wisdom

Facing your fears and the rewards of stepping out of your comfort zone.

Bumbling father stereotype. Parenthood TV show

The Dad movement

Shout out to Hogan Hilling -

Professional take on how to process being a dad in today’s culture and be completely healthy.

RAD DAD tools: Process your emotions properly meet your emotional needs.

Find a tribe

Superpower: (how to deal with a crying child video) Respond appropriately. Allow tantrums but hold your boundaries

Meditation: Just Breathe: give yourself a time out.

Bucket List: Continue to be a highly involved part of daughter’s life.


Contact Julian Redwood at:

Full Frontal Fatherhood Podcast:

Jul 18, 2016


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Damon is a truly transformed man and an inspiring example of what you can become on the other side of your bomb crater. If you're looking for hope amidst the beginnings of your journey, then look no further. Damon is clearly at peace and has negotiated many pitfalls to find himself currently living a better life than even he imagined but it didn’t just happen on its own. He put in the work by continuing to find and fix himself. Little by little the Damon you hear today began to emerge piece by piece as he conquered elements within and throughout. His current life is a gleaming testament to the path of this RAD DAD. book5Luckily for all of us, his story is highlighted in his (aptly titled) book “Pain Drives Change”. Learn how Damon began to face unthinkable adversity beginning at the age of 4 and at the age of 8 was completely on his own.

This episode; like many others, is an incredible window into my guest’s life. Please join us for tips, tools, and tactics that will help you become a better person, man, and dad- but that’s just the beginning.
Join us for the Seattle tech scene, Blended families, SHIKAKA!, Rubbish fires, Abandonment, Reaching out, Affirmations, Positivity, Joy, Goofy rituals; and one of my favorites, Thailand!

Talking points:

Seattle triathlon training
Pain Drives Change
Microsoft & kids coding
Mullet, business in front, party in back
Jim Carey - Ace Ventura - Goofball/Dork
Motorcycles and wagons
rubbish fires & klepto carpenters
The bomb that fractured family
Abandonment & generational curses
Accept your pain
How could SHE?
Shame & Reaching out
It’s Okay to need help
Self-fulfilling affirmations
Add more positive
Make a plan & write it down
Pain vs. Joy
Underlying causes; treating the problem, not the symptoms
Voicing your pain
Dad Skill: Goofy & rituals
Weakness: Hyper-focus
Bucket List: Thailand

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Jul 11, 2016

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Rocco DeLeo is strength incarnate. His story will floor you as you see yet another example of what a RAD DAD truly is.
Rocco is a fellow podcaster and while life was going along smoothly the wheels came off abruptly when the horrifically unthinkablesurfaced. Join us as we discuss Rocco’s story to this point. We discuss the elements of his “quick” turn-around and how they are deeply rooted in appropriate mindset, faith, acceptance positivity coupled with appropriate action. The nuggets are a-plenty as we continue to deep dive into the power of mindset and taking positive action!

Join us for Mini-trucks, SQUIRREL!!, Pope John Paul II, accountability, presence, and self-discipline as well as understanding the power of your authentic voice and venerability.


Flaming Mini-trucks & Stereo equipment

Clark Griswold

Church lawn-jobs

Trail running = therapy

Exhaustion & faith through tragedy

Not living reactively

Pope John Paul II

Being the example to your kids

The importance of being a patriarch

A hierarchy of importance

Valued genuine conversations

Developing appropriate sensitivity

Romans 8:28

Fostering and keeping good company

Dad Skill: Goofy dad

Struggle: Managing being present with accountability

Keep dreaming, 2nd chances & taking action

Self discipline

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Jul 4, 2016

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%22If you worry-2

Founder of the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory Philippe Morgese joins me this week for yet another great episode of We RAD DADS podcast.  Phil is a great dad and has successfully found a way to work his life around his daughter and work his way into a full-custody type of arrangement. Through The Daddy Daughter Hair Factory Phil and his daughter have been featured on dozens of media outlets including ABC, CBS, NBC, The Doctors, Fab Life with Tyra Banks,, The History Chanel, MTV, Popsugar, Unworthy and even Australia’s “The Morning Show”


Join us in our conversation where Phil breaks down his bomb and his eventual recovery with bullet-proof resilience and determination to be the best possible dad he can be. Through incredible struggle, odds and with absolute grit he is truly a champion for change and the face of what is possible for ANY dad to become. Phil didn’t allow social stigmas, his situation or even his own inner hater to dissuade him from his mission and all that hard work has eventually paid off. Phil went from having zero time with his daughter to having her full-time- and he went about it WITHOUT the court systems. I’m truly humbled by Phil as he breaks down the amazing circumstances he faced and how far he has come. Truly, Phil is a RAD DAD!


Reward yourself with the wisdom he constantly drops throughout this episode and see him for the stellar guy he truly is. As if that weren't enough, he went on to create the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory inspiring fathers to challenge themselves by stepping out of their comfort zones- just as Phil himself has done in his pursuit of being a professional dad. You may be interested to know that Phil doesn’t make a single dime teaching dads about bonding with their daughters by learning how to do hair. THIS is the kind of guy Phil is and I'm so honored to have him on. Won’t you join us?


Talking points:

The joy of becoming dad

Making the hard choice of leaving

Holding my daughter hostage

Becoming valuable to your other & building mutual respect

STEM Skills

Minecraft & bonding time

The importance of tribe - Iron Sharpens Iron

In order to grow you need to let the past go

Learn from every dad and other great nuggets

“If you worry about being a good dad, you’re probably a good dad.”

Reach out RAD DADS

Bucket list: Marathon

Cornerstone Trait: Independence & free thinking

Teleport moment & advice: Words of encouragement - CHALLENGE

Daddy Daughter Hair Factory - Facebook




Keep fighting the good fight.

Stay Up, Stay Connected & Stay RAD DADS!