We RAD DADS is a show and community dedicated to improving the lives of Dads who put their families first. We are single fathers, men in blended families and dads of non-traditional families looking to learn the lessons of this difficult path from others who've journeyed this difficult path before us. Above all, we are caring and nurturing fathers who continually value and seek improvement for ourselves and other parents. We face our own struggles and seek to dominate them as a means to living a fulfilling life. Each week we find entertainment and value as we get to know a new guest, understand their situation, explore their struggles and learn how to navigate life's challenges through retrospect and experience. It is through this process we aim to find and share wisdom that you can employ in your own life. Please join us as we discover and distribute the value of first-hand experiences and insight told by those who are now living proof that you can too. We RAD DADS - Where wisdom meets entertainment.
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Sep 26, 2016

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Alright RAD DADS, I've been waiting for this one because it means that WE are growing by leaps and bounds. I'm pretty stoked that all of us have come 40 episodes now and I wanted to pay homage to those that helped us get here.

I know that I've grown and learned as a result of the We RAD DADS podcast and I know you have too. Let's celebrate this milestone with a two-part top 10 episode.

This week's episode will cover episodes 1-5 and uncover gems from my former guests. If you're looking for resources be sure to click on the guest's name for more information.

This week we'll hear from:

Eric Davis

Damon Stoddard

Dr. Laura Markham

Joseph Johnson

and Larry Hagner

Sep 19, 2016

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From a fast paced career in real estate and connected 24 hours a day, to the housing market crash, and a Hiroshima sized bomb crater. Marc Mahwinney came out on top despite his all this and found a way to completely pivot life to find his true calling as a coach complete with a podcast.

Coparenting is difficult however Marc has found balance and we may have discovered a secret ingredient in your own happiness and it turns out it has nothing to do with you. …Weird right?

Marc delved into personal development at the right time despite being coerced in a different direction. His gut instinct was right and has proven a wise decision. He now lives as a successful and productive coparent and is available to his son at nearly any moment.

Listen in as we talk Barenaked ladies, homemade rafts, Think & Grow rich and baseball.

Talking points:

Barenaked ladies

Dumb and Dumber

Homemade raft story

Range of parenting - allowing kids to go wherever with out a leash

Life. It goes on

Tuesday Aug 11, 2009

Seperation & Coparenting

Think and grow rich

Sales & coaching coaches

Don’t be a perfectionist

Time heals all

Taking pressure off

coparenting challenge - distance

“With every single challenge there is a silver lining - find it.”

You can do anything

Major league ballparks w son

Kids are best motivation I can have

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Sep 12, 2016

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Please welcome Matthew Cochran to the We RAD DADS podcast. Matt is a Divorced dad, a former marine, a podcaster and soon-to-be-remarried blended dad. Currently, Matt has his hands full with 4 kids, a full-time job, and 3 media outlets - one of which being the MJC podcast.

Matt has some amazing takeaways and tactics that he was able to implement in order to recover from the devastation that unwanted divorce brings. Listen as we discuss how he was able to process his situation and put his family first. I am very happy that Matt has found his path in such a relatively short period of time and earnestly hope you can implement some of these strategies to get out of your own crater and move on. Please understand, however, being in a bomb crater has a purpose and we discover what happens when you try to circumvent a natural healing process like the 5 stages of grief.

Join us for: Tactical Dads, the light-switch effect of co-parenting, no longer being a victim, loss & silence, numbing, finding YOUR path & Matt’s tips for successful co-parenting.

Talking Points:

Religion & Politics

A tactical dad?

Single vs. Divorced

Gender roles in kids

What’s really important

Humor: 30 Rock

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

IP crowd

Hot fuzz/ Shawn of the Dead

The light-switch effect of co-parenting

“I am not a victim”

Be prepared, adapt & overcome

Bomb: loss & silence

“Not me, I won’t be a single dad”

Distraction, Isolation & Numbing

There is life after this.

Taking the kids out of the crossfire

The 5 stages of grief

Don’t bury a mine, deal with your 5 stages of grief.

Finding YOUR faith

Coparenting tip: Make it about the kids

Superpower: Communication

Weakness: Patience

Resource: Romans Chapter 8

matthewjcochran Instagram, twitter

MJC podcast FB page

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Sep 5, 2016

Please welcome Paul Gilbride to the We RAD DADS podcast. Paul is a divorced dad, a father of 2 and stay at home dad who; through this opportunity, was able to live the life of passion he had not before imagined possible. In order for this to occur, Paul had to be willingly tempered by the flames of life and forged anew by way of constant; and sometimes indistinguishable improvement. Through Paul’s bomb crater and stratification of circumstance, he was able to find and focus on the tiny silver linings and pursue them to discover his true calling.

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Join us as he throws out massive wisdom nuggets, motivation to become your best self and your new mantra “I am exactly where I am supposed to be.”

Paul’s company, has been helping men recover from the bomb craters in their lives and now shares not only his own story; but the culmination of wisdom discovered through his interactions with other men in their greatest moments of need.

I am excited to bring you our conversation and resources uncovered while speaking with my friend and brother Paul Gilbride.

Talking points:

Balance vs. integration.

Who is Paul?

Taking on the world

Showing up nowhere

Putting first what matters most

Stepping apart from traditional roles

Recovering CPA

The coaching entrepreneurial father

Unvalued Dad skills

“ I am exactly where I am supposed to be”

It’s not work

Something is missing

“The two most important days in your life is the day you’re born and the day you find out why”

What’s happing FOR me

The victim mentality

“Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional”

Victor Frankl

“Your mind can make a hell of heaven or a heaven of hell”

Depression, divorce worry, the facility, family passing

One room away from death

Commitment to change

December 13, 2015. 5:30am: A stranger’s smile

Tools & Capabilities

Becoming a butterfly or stay in cocoon

Letting go vs. avoiding

Reluctant permission

Coparenting: Communication, United front

The cohesive family unit

Practice self-love

Guilt vs. shame

Superpower: sense of humor

Favorite movie: Best in show

The power of a smile

Power posture

The root of anger

Box breathing - Unbeatable Mind

S.M.A.R.T bucket list goal:

Son and self-helping kids and parents

Daughter: NYU dreams

Paul: RV college football w friends

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