We RAD DADS is a show and community dedicated to improving the lives of Dads who put their families first. We are single fathers, men in blended families and dads of non-traditional families looking to learn the lessons of this difficult path from others who've journeyed this difficult path before us. Above all, we are caring and nurturing fathers who continually value and seek improvement for ourselves and other parents. We face our own struggles and seek to dominate them as a means to living a fulfilling life. Each week we find entertainment and value as we get to know a new guest, understand their situation, explore their struggles and learn how to navigate life's challenges through retrospect and experience. It is through this process we aim to find and share wisdom that you can employ in your own life. Please join us as we discover and distribute the value of first-hand experiences and insight told by those who are now living proof that you can too. We RAD DADS - Where wisdom meets entertainment.
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May 30, 2016


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Eric is a 16 year veteran of the armed forces, a former member of an elite force known as Navy SEAL’s, perhaps you’ve heard of them. Eric is a commanding example of what a RAD DAD should be. As a divorced and now remarried father of 4 Eric defines leadership in a blended family. Eric has taken leadership notes from both his father and grandfather and continued the lineage of strong male figures in his family. His book, Raising Men is just hitting the shelves and is packed with leadership tactics from not only Eric himself, but many other SEAL dads. It’s locked and loaded with absolute wisdom nuggets! Listen in as we discuss family, history, psychology, behavior and of course leadership.

Eric Davis represents a new breed of operative emerging from the Special Operations community.

Author of “Raising Men - What we learned in SEAL training and taught to our sons”

As a former Navy SEAL sniper instructor, technical and physical surveillance specialist and human performance expert Eric has extracted and repurposed the proven performance principles leveraged by elite units for entrepreneurs, business leaders and parents since 2008.

Davis is the founder of an online resource focused on delivering the situational awareness, transparency and knowledge ambitious people require to live a good life and lead others to do the same.

Show Notes:


7:29 - Child soldier to SEAL, family lineage

8:51 - Come up to a level of excellence.

10:33 - Team 3 the “Desert Platoon”

11:29 - Forging Brotherhood

13:02 - Belgian Malinois, SEAL to dog trainer.

14:15 - Behavior science; dog training or kids, same same.

16:22 - Leading from the front and being the example.

18:03 - Eric the family man.

20:32 -  OCD and ADD as a tool. Embrace the monkey.

24:32 - A different breed.

27:27 - Words of motivation: If you don’t mind it doesn’t matter. Interpret your situation differently.

29:57 - BOMB: Divorce from first wife. Own failure. Be the leader.

33:37 - Recognize the fundamentals. understand the sub elements. and be in a constant practice. Put first what matters most.

36:01 - Mind map. Situation awareness.

36:08 - Don’t be right, be effective. We’re in charge of producing the situation we desire.

41:32- Good people in your life.

43:49 - Become valuable to them.

45:52 - Why Raising  Men?

50:33 - How to be; and raise, a man

51:17 - Redefining and recapturing manhood.

53:53 - Study and Train. Arm yourself with knowledge.

56:22 - Dad super power: being relevant.

"I’m not that smart, I just study a lot."

59:38 - Patience.  (Click)

1:02:22 - SEAL Pups

1:06:08 - Confidence and Extreme Confidence

1:09:06 - Parting wisdom: A poor plan is better than no plan at all.


Visit Eric on his personal website at: No B.S. There's some pretty awesome things going on over there!

Follow Eric on Twitter HERE

Contact Eric directly at:

SM Leader (Sealed mindset leader mindset):

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May 26, 2016

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Cliche' or apropos?

Past struggle does not guarantee future success. Your future is completely unwritten and could take any possible turn.

"Lost time is never found again." -Benjamin Franklin

DO NOT WAIT. Start RIGHT NOW and begin living the best life you possibly can. You never know how long you actually have to show your loved ones what they mean to your.

Leave your regrets and anguish behind and move forward in the best possible way. Be true to YOU and YOUR FAMILY. THEY are the only thing that matters.

Take charge dad. RIGHT NOW is your time to rise. In this moment is an opportunity that will never return. Capitalize on your advantage and turn EVERY moment into an opportunity from here forward. Because life is too short.

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May 24, 2016

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Hogan lets loose and gets real with me after our interview. Every single one of you needs to hear this.

The fact is, we doubt ourselves after the bomb and our experiences leave us with a "once bitten twice shy" mentality. Hogan lays down the gauntlet on us all and shows us all the light at the end of the tunnel.

Get out there and make it happen. Improve yourself in order to improve the rest of your life. Hogan yet again leads by example here.
Don't squander your time being the victim. Take this opportunity to create the life you have dreamt about.
Do the work and reap the benefits. If you don't know where to start, I would highly recommend that you get your free copy of "The 7 essential steps to take now that you're a single parent" exclusively available at This offer will pop up automatically. Simply fill out your name and email address and I'll immediately send it to your inbox.
I created this resource for this EXACT REASON- to help you become your best you so start today by getting your copy NOW!

You can also connect with us on Facebook or start by sending me an email at:

Start taking the RIGHT action dad. I know you can do it.

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May 23, 2016


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Please welcome Hogan Hilling to the We RAD DADS podcast! Hogan has seen some hard times and weathered many storms as a dad. One might think this would have made him gruff, harsh and negative however Hogan has used his experiences to enlighten others on how dads can be extremely valuable parental figures. He has personally challenged the common paradigm that dads can't parent. Not only has Hogan been a stay-at home dad care taking his three children, one of which a child with special needs; he has endured a bitter and insulting divorce that left him at the mercy of the judicial system slanted toward one particular gender. Through all of this Hogan has remained calm and collected, consistently putting first what matters most.

Hogan is the creator of the Dadly Rally and is a champion for dad's equality in parenting. True to his character, Hogan does not discriminate against any parent due to gender and welcomes involved women parents into the Dadly cause as well. He is a true example for each of us to follow!

Listen to our conversation as we discuss Hogan's winding path through life involving rediscovering his own dad as an adult and what he learned when they connected. This point alone shaped my perception of what it is to be an absent father... Sometimes the opportunity to be dad is taken away unjustly.

Show Notes:

6:29 - "I came out of the pantry"

11:01 - Follow your heart but use your head

17:47 - Stop the "dadsanity", do it for the kids

20:51 - The simple joy of play

23:16 - Henk (link)

28:56 - Behaving Dadly

31:11 - Breaking the cycle

32:32 - Get comfortable being uncomfortable

34:29 - Living in the moment daddy

35:49 - The best things in life are free

40:08 - Looking at fatherhood through a child's eyes

42:28 - Don't beat yourself up. Reach out

Contact Hogan and connect with the Dadly Rally with the following links:

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May 19, 2016

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Let's face the facts here, sometimes life is about attempting not to fail. Occasionally, we can't let go of  "learning moments" wherein we did a less-than optimal job.

Personally, I think this is a mark of someone who is constantly holding themselves to a higher standard. This is a fantastic trait but people like me can take that desire for perfection a little too far. That in itself tends to drag me down. Sometimes I'm my own worst enemy.

"Everything in moderation, including moderation." -Julia Childs

Keep doing the best you can and keep improving along the way. Recognize and accept your losses as learning moments and set yourself free of the guilt associated with it.

Process your situation and move forward. It's the only way to maintain your sanity and continually be the best you can. You're only human you know.

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May 16, 2016

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Not only does We RAD DADS have our first female guest, but she is also our first professional guest as well. We have for you this week none other than THE Dr. Laura Markham.

Join Dr. Markham and myself as we discuss her upbringings and how her blended family dynamics shaped her into one of the leading experts in Clinical Psychology. Her relatable story and early experiences are directly applicable to any single parent situation.

I was surprised to learn that the role model behind her successful principles is entirely attributed to her very own RAD DAD. Without her father's compassion which; in her words: "saved my life", she would not have discovered her full potential. Listen as Dr. Markham describes how her father was the one who showed her what loving guidance was all about.

Dads, you CAN and DO make a difference!

It was a true pleasure to speak with her. I can't say enough about my conversation with Dr. Markham and all the incredible nuggets she shares. On top of this, listen as we discuss one of her books and the powerful tools and tactics it details. I was very surprised to find extreme value in her book, Peaceful parent, happy kids. I HIGHLY recommend this book for ALL parents, especially RAD DADS. This would be an EXCELLENT FREE book from When you  click the link you get a FREE book AND a FREE 30 day trial of What are you waiting for?

Who is Dr. Markham you ask?

Dr. Laura Markham trained as a Clinical Psychologist, earning her Ph.D. from Columbia University. But she's also a mom, so she translates proven science into the practical solutions you need for the family life you want.

Dr. Laura is the author of the books Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting and Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings:How to Stop the Fighting and Raise Friends for Life.

The founding editor of, Dr. Laura also serves as a parenting expert for, Psychology Today, The Natural Parent Magazine,, Girlie Girl Army,, and several other websites. She makes frequent TV and radio appearances and has been interviewed for hundreds of articles by publications as diverse as The Wall Street Journal, Real Simple, Newsday, Men's Health, Redbook and Parents Magazine.

Dr. Laura's relationship-based parenting model has helped thousands of families across the U.S. and Canada find compassionate, common-sense solutions to everything from separation anxiety and sleep problems to sass talk and cell phones. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband and two terrific kids -- now 21 and 25!

Show notes:

6:35 - Parenting Changed my paradigm.

8:39 - Clinical Psychologist

10:18 - What I was born to do. Virginia Axline. "Dibs in search of self"

13:24 - Kids in adult bodies - Not just a parenting book.

15:59 - Deal with your own stuff

18:25 - Go as slow as you need and as fast as you can

22:41 - Grappling with emotions

23:41 - "That's not me"- Hijacked by emotions

26:35 - Noticing emotional biases

28:59 - Dr. Laura's advice for single parents from first-hand experience

33:25 - Any parent can do this

34:08 - My dad saved my life

37:10 - Transformative pain creates inner strength

38:47 - Rewiring of the brain

41:25 - Age appropriateness

44:20 - Dare not to discipline

52:06 - What is "loving guidance"

53:55 - Limits, Empathize, Coach

57:40 - Parenting is 90% connection

1:01:21 - Can this work for parents of older kids?

You can reach Dr. Markham at the following links:

AhaParenting Facebook page

Peaceful parent, happy kids

Peaceful parent, happy siblings

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May 12, 2016

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"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better" -Maya Angelou

Well, let's just say that it was shaping up to be a great day. My son was super happy and outgoing. We went to Costco to make a return and grab some items. Now I'm certain thatCostco is a wonderland for small children however for adults with those small children we sometimes loose our sense of wonder when trying to get things done.

No spoilers here however I did meet with a very poignant moment and had to think quickly. Perception can be either an ally or an enemy. Although I would love to have reacted a certain way I chose to instead to respond according to my own ethos.

At the end of the day you are accountable to your own choices and actions. Many people do not consider this but I believe that the single parent community is VERY conscious about this - for many reasons.

We are often scrutinized for the smallest possible infraction that we ourselves begin to question how others will see us. Sadly, this is a reality when it comes to being judged.... literally. That's exactly what many single parents have to worry about. Whether a judge will deem you capable of being a part of your child's life based on your responses and reactions. This doesn't make walking "the path" any easier.

I feel for you all and would like to share with you an occurrence that happened to me recently. I'll share with you my thoughts and feelings that go along with it. I would hope that in doing this you can feel comfortable with your own feelings and responses given a similar circumstance.

What would you have done differently?

Tell me at:

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May 9, 2016

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Find what makes you happy

Eddie is the proud father of 2 young adults and continues to put them first in his life. Eddie carved a career out of wildland firefighting as a Hotshot supervisor and found a true passion for the industry. As often happens, we tend to sacrifice these things in our lives for those we care about most.

Before long Eddie found himself behind the kiosk selling cell phones and wondering if that was all life had in store for him. Unhappy and unfulfilled already Eddie's marriage was not living up to expectations, and despite his best efforts was being dragged downward by negative reinforcement at home. In a paramount moment, Eddie found himself moments from ending the pain but his strength found footing as chose not to find the "easy way out".

Never the quitter, Eddie finally broke free of his anchors. After his divorce, he moved back to his comfort zone and immediately regained his sense of place. Luckily during this process he was able to retain a physical presence with his children as they moved from Chicago, Il. to Flagstaff, Az. Proven to be an unsinkable spirit he is now chasing his passions in life and spreading a message of hope and help to others.

Come listen to my interview with Eddie Aguilar as he tells his story and experiences as he dishes out heaps of helpful advice.

Show Notes:

5:40 - Get to know Eddie Aguilar

9:04 - El Boz

10:14 - Major Payne

11:57 - The secret of the broken arm

13:24 - Chick flicks dude!

15:44 - It's all in the head

17:36 - Worthless to worth

21:52 - Live your words

24:03 - Bomb: Rem. 870 Wingmaster

30:59 - Back in my element

34:08 - Too poor to be a drunk

35:35 - You can't save everybody

40:40 - Left Behind

45:19 - Find what makes you happy

48:41 - Favorite age

50:07 - Best parenting skill

51:41 - Can't treat 2 kids the same

52:45 - A licence to act goofy

54:40 - Lifelong learning

56:10 - Rocky

58:59 - Veterans

1:02:15 - Contact Eddie Aguilar

Eddie's Facebook

Eddie on Instagram



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May 5, 2016

I'm sure this episode isn't what you expected... neither did I. I'm of two minds in publishing it however, I believe in the power of integrity and character. I referenced this in the show manifesto (Episode 000) and owe this to both you and myself. So here goes....

Sink or swim I feel better talking about it, if only with myself.

Please let me know what you think at:

May 2, 2016


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Fitness isn't just physical with Steve Roy.

Steve Roy

Steve Roy (aka singledadfitdad) is a shining example of renewal after “downfall”. Steve is making men’s lives better every day with his personal mission to help others using his own relevant experiences.

Like many of my guests Steve “had it all”. The job, the house and the family, everything that we’ve been told to want. His life exploded one day after a period of struggle when he was asked to leave the home and family he  sacrificed to build. An overwhelming sense of loss ensued as he transitioned back into simply surviving. Finding himself alone with nothing but time to reflect, he stopped caring for himself. Like so many, Steve KNOWINGLY succumb to terrible habits and fell deeper into the bomb crater.

Blaming others and shirking responsibility Steve had a chance encounter with a friend who called him on his selfish thinking. This blunt interaction immediately led to an A-Ha moment which immediately led to active changes- starting with a grueling 7-minute run.

The irony here is that Steve makes a living as a fitness instructor, yet was not leading by example. Once this epiphany was made there was no stopping him.

Steve unleashed the person within and began His physical and mental metamorphosis was immediate and noticeable within a month

This result is a direct result of finding true purpose and aligning it with your true self. His words of wisdom and stories resonate on many levels with us all. Come be inspired to re-create yourself by harvesting only the best in your life and moving forward from where you are to EXACTLY where you want to be. Let’s take those steps together!

Come and join us for the full story the up’s and downs of becoming

3:32 - Get to know Steve Roy

6:38 - No longer single, fit dad.

7:59 - Parental equality

9:00 - Video games, Hero's quest

11:20 - "Kick his ass Seabass!"

11:56 - Confusion and anger met with a mother's tireless love.

14:28 - You can be a man AND have emotions

17:09 - Can't control other people

20:25 - Bomb: Asked to leave the life he created

23:28 - Not so blindsided

24:12 - Why is daddy never smiling?

26:55 - Brutal truth and change

30:47 - "Get busy living or get busy dying"

32:06 - Live for you

33:35 - Finding a new way to live

35:32 - Gary Vanerchuck

36:35 - How many men can I help?

40:18 - Self sufficiency

40:30 - Patience

43:30 - Yosemite

45:39 - Honest and open communication

44:13 - DIC-tator parents

46:45 - Correlation between learning and living

47:19 - What can YOU give?

49:22 - Take care of yourself first

55:46 - Connect with Steve

48:11 - Find happiness within

Twitter: @singlefitdad.


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